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please be patient while we work on this site, we are working hard... in between screams! ;)

as a children's writer, it always fascinates me when I hear the kids walk past my window on their way home from school and huddle together having their private conversations. occasionally I  hear a whisper of who is dating who or who said what. it takes me right back to my own primary school days. oh I remember a boy called joseph, he was the sweetest, kindest and most fun boy i'd ever seen. of course, he didn't really know I existed until one day I was off for quite a long time due to an accident. i remember that on my first day back to school, still with bandages on my legs, he was one of the first to come say hi and help me around the classroom. we were 8 years old and of course, this was a huge deal to me! ;)

the purpose to me sharing that little story with you is how children, of all eras, walk through the same experiences, and through my stories I hope to portray much of that so any reader can see they are not alone, maybe find a solution or an idea to overcome some challenge they are experiencing or even just to identify. as my stories became more books, I began to have a floating idea at the back of my head that I need to build a website where I can offer resources to help encourage and support my future readers as well as bring them some fun things to do.

all these things will be on the free printables page.

throughout this website there will be an array of information, printables, links and suggested books, blogs and resources that may help your little person if they are not realising their very own superpowers within themselves.

as well as all of that, I look forward to also bringing my own range of clothing that I've been working on for some time as well as some really cute home decor, candles and much more. I'm sure there'll be something for everyone.


read. dream. live

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