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a little about me

Hi :)

I'm Debs. A  mom to four humans, a nana to 8 littles and a human to 3 fur babies. I love to write, read, journal, plan and most other kinds of creative arts. I am a homemaker, sister, aunt, daughter, friend and an individual.

I began writing stories when I was around 8 years old here and there and while I had some good ideas, I had no way to truly execute them. Back in 2015, I began having story ideas that would pop into my head when I was asleep when I was driving or just out and about. I'd make notes of these ideas but didn't really take them seriously until one evening in early July 2018 when I was working on some client workbooks I'd finally had enough and let the ideas roam around until eventually, storylines began to form. I had the good sense to write them down properly this time and a few hours later I had pretty much drafted out my first book. 

I already had creative writing qualifications, short story qualifications and a couple of other writing qualifications but when I researched the updated ideas for writing a children's book I was amazed at how out of date I was. Not being deterred, I knuckled down and researched the heck out of what I should be doing. I signed up for two creative courses, one was David Walliams and put my heart and soul into learning what I could.

Almost 5 years on, I have written 6 books and for the first time, I am about to submit to potential literary agents. The rest, as they say, is history.


The more stories I wrote, the more I realised that our children are becoming less and less empowered in this world of craziness. As I researched the facts for each story, I had the opportunity to as a group of 10-12-year-olds various questions, just to make sure certain aspects of my writing is correct and their feedback was a collection of fun, funny, heartbreaking and sad. Over the months of drafting and editing each book, some of the comments plagued my mind until eventually, around 2.20am on a dark, cold morning I was awoken by ideas and thoughts. My psyche really knows how to push my buttons! This time I began to listen and made notes before going back to sleep.

This time, I was being prompted to create a space for empowering, inspiring and encouraging information could be available to both adults and children. Long story shorter, this is what this website is about. In due course, there will be a variety of free stuff to download and print off that will help anyone, especially the children. Stay tuned.

For as long as I can remember, I've loved to journal, create scrapbooks and generally record memories to pass down to my children when the time comes. These days, I don't scrapbook but I still journal and love to use it as a memory book, a therapist and sometimes an argumentative place to let rip.

with my collection of journals and notebooks, I've also begun to add a selection of bullet journals. over time I will increase the variety, covers, and themes and maybe even do subscription kits. 

for now, though, I will share some ideas to help you or your littles to journal and even recommend the best book for the job.

Cute Notebooks

read. dream. live

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