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Writing & bread

i sit here on the back door step smelling the baking bread coming from the kitchen.iI can hardly wait until i hear that ping from the bread maker. i have some unsalted butter and some homemade jam to go with it, and my mouth is watering as i type this!

why am i sat on the back door step when we are hitting 0c? well, i'll tell ya, my pups, taylor and titan are insisting on being out there, drinking from the firepit (rain water that's mostly frozen over) and jumping on and off the swing seat to torment one another and i enjoy watching their antics. i've been trying to write a few words in my next book, but as yet i'm drawing a blank. this book isn't planned or plotted or even thought through like my others, and that tells me i am still a planner kinda writer. so i closed dabble, opened up a word doc and jotted down some ideas for my main character. the only interruption was taylor nudging me for a hug ~ which i can't resist.

it's a few hours later now and the pups are in their crate taking a nap and i'm rocking on my chair to the tune of 'under the boardwalk' by bruce willis, (great tune, by the way!) and for the life of me i cannot put together a scene much less any kind of storyline so i think it's time to call in the cavalry.

what or who is the cavalry, you may ask, well i'll tell you...

i google random questions, such as,

  • what is an 11 year old girls biggest worry?

  • how does an 11 year old girl react to being told off?

  • what terminology does an 11 year old girl use?

  • what is an 11 year old girls biggest peeve?

when all else fails, good ole google is always at the ready and more times than not i get a right ole laugh from some of the answers. you should try it, whether you're a writer or not, it's amusing.

i've just demolished two slices of freshly cooked wholemeal bread, with butter and jam and i am struggling to feel guilty at the calories i've just downed. at 54 i'm certainly past the 11 year old stage of worrying bout being overweight!

it took me around 4 hours to get some ideas on where my character is going, i know the plot but i was struggling with how to present it. now, thanks to whoever put the answer into google, i have built my character much more and that makes the story easier to plot and plan.

who said google was only for the kids? humfffff

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